New works by photo artist Anka Manshusen

After her recent successful series „move“, „butterfly“ and „everlasting“, Anka Manshusen has created the new color-intensive works „exhale color“, „outer-and-inner-space“, „love shower“ and the series „in-between“. Similar to the previous series, in the artist’s new works we encounter abstraction and non-objectivity. Starting with the medium of photography, Anka Manshusen radically reduces color, movement, form and formlessness in her paintings. The identifiability of the objects dissolves and leads the viewer into other realities that let experience that being exists beyond the fixed form.

Anka Manshusen, born 1965 in Bremerhaven, lives and works today in Hamburg and Barcelona. She successfully studied at the Free Art School Hamburg – FIU  (Wolfgang Genoux and Karin Genoux), as well as at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg (Prof. Silke Grossmann and Prof. Kilian Breier).

Anyone who would like to know more about Anka Manshusen and her work can do so on the following website:

and I like to present more, than the work shown here, as always, beyond the exhibition in a personal conversation.

If you are interested in Anka Manshusen’s work, I look forward to hearing from you:

Best regards,

Petra Becker

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