What do mushrooms have to do with top executive consultants?

Mushrooms today are the symbol of the modern and perfect network of the present and the future. Mushrooms cooperate with each other, supply the most varied plants in the forest, have early warning systems for strangers, and also transfer toxins into healthy substances. Mushrooms also have subject hierarchies. They have a network structure that has existed for millennia, which stands for a gigantic nonhierarchical network structures and perfect connections.

These are criteria that are also relevant for the top executive recruitment consultancy Schaaf Peemöller + Partner. We are very grateful that now the painting (2,9 m x 1,92 m) with these mushrooms by the artist Alexander Graf von Schlieffen has its place permanently in the office of the partner Dr. Payam Homayounfar. The painting „Alley“ is from the series „The Unknown Matrix“.

Alexander Graf von Schlieffen successfully studied painting at the art academies in Vienna, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf (Rudolf Hausner, Gerhard Richter and A.R. Penck). After graduating as a master student of Prof. A.R. Penck, the artist received the Max Ernst scholarship for painting. Since then his work has been shown internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Get more information about the artist Alexander Graf von Schlieffen here: https://internationalartbridge.viewbook.com/portfolio/album/alexander-von-schlieffen

For further information about the artworks of Alexander Graf von Schlieffen, do not hesitate to contact me directly. I look very much forward to hearing from you!

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